Lambo Styley

Had some pre-NYIAS fun last night. Went to the launch of the Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli edition. Good times.

I love this kind of stuff

The Last Stand

Came across these awesome images from this excerpted Wired article:


Marc Wilson spent four years chasing the ghosts of World War II for his series The Last Stand, wandering 23,000 miles of shoreline to capture eerie photos of bunkers and blockades that still dot the landscape.

During the war, the Allies and Nazis fortified the coast of Northern Europe with pillboxes, gun emplacements and huge barriers meant to repel ships and tanks. They were largely forgotten after the invasion of Normandy, abandoned as the Allies pressed on toward Germany. Nearly 80 years later, only ruins remain.


Last post of 2014

These are some snaps from last week when my sister and her fam were in town for xmas. We palled around together for the whole week. The kids in the photos are my nieces.

My sis took this one of me and my niece–

Something bad happened
Last Sunday I was out for an evening ride to Bear Mountain, and it didn’t go as planned. I took a low speed low-side spill near Tarrytown. I was apexing a slow left hand twisty and the front end just let go. I’m guessing it was gravel, or something in the road. The bike and I slid into the guard rail. As much as it sucks, I still feel lucky to have walked away with only minor injuries.

The Ducati, however, is apparently done. These are some snaps from Saturday, when I went to the tow yard to retrieve my license plate and EZ-pass from the bike. It actually doesn’t look like it is in that bad of shape considering that it hit the guard rail and bounced back into the road. Anyway, I loved this bike. It has brought me a lot of joy, and I was very sad to see her in this condition. I’m hoping that she will go on to be someone’s superstar track bike.

The puncture wound in my quad. So much for marathon training. :/

While driving to the tow yard to retrieve my plate, I stopped at the spot where I crashed to gather my clutch handle from the roadside. I had seen it laying in the gravel as I was being loaded into the ambulance. I picked up this, along with some pieces of my helmet and my shifter. Keepsakes from an event that could have been much worse, I suppose.

A moment of silence for Preta.

le storm king

Sunday, I took a ride to Storm King. It was the second time that I had been, this fall. The first– was when my sister and brother-in-law were visiting. I wasn’t thinking straight and forgot my camera that time. Sunday, I remembered to bring it. Even though the leaves are now much past prime, they actually kind of complimented the foggy drizzle. These are a couple of snaps from the visit.


Happy Friday

It is monsoon season in NYC. Two nights this week I have been caught on my bike in a downpour. I’m assuming that the couple above was also caught in the rain last night. I snapped that image right before it started to rain. One more below.

Shepard Fairey’s on lessons learned from skateboarding

Shepard Fairey wrote an interesting note on his blog this week about skateboarding. He asserted that skateboarding had taught him resilience. I had never thought about things in those terms. But thinking back about how many times I wrecked myself trying to stomp a new trick, it seems very logical that the determination, perseverance and resilience from that era in life had something to do with shaping the present version of me. Here is what Fairey had to say about the photo above:

My friend Jason Filipow found this shot of me from the summer of ’88 on the internet. We don’t know who took the photo, but it is from a spot called the Junkyard, an abandoned concrete slab on Sullivan’s Island South Carolina. The Junkyard was a really fun spot where we built a bunch of ramps as we were able to buy or “acquire” wood. I remember clearly that I was riding an S.M.A Rocco Division Jesse Martinez with OJ Team Rider wheels and independent trucks. I learned to ollie boardslide handrails on that setup. We had a great crew that skated The Junkyard almost daily, including Jason Filipow, Alfred Hawkins(who can be seen at the right edge of the frame), David Stowe, and Kevin Taylor. I’m still friends with all of them,  and they are all successful artists and designers. The creativity and rebellion of skateboarding shaped who we’ve become profoundly. I’m teaching my daughter to skate now. I was reminded of another valuable thing skateboarding helped me with after I slammed on my tail bone skating with my daughter today… resilience! Skateboarding taught me to cope with pain and keep going.



Adeus, for now

Dudes, I have to shut down JM for now. There is too much going on in the personal sphere right now that is bleeding into every aspect of my life. It is super lame. And as much as I hate it, I need to stop publishing even the non-personal events in my life for the time being. I’m hoping that I can get back to it sooner, rather than later, being that this page is a fantastic outlet for me. It is actually something that I really enjoy curating, as lame and discombobulated as it probably seems (or in fact, is) at times. Anyway, I sent out an invitation to some of my close friends and fam for a private blog that I have been keeping about PJ, etc.. I may have left some people out who might be interested. So, please feel free to hit me up if you are reading this, and you fall into that category. I will send you an invitation. Peace.

another tues with no a.g.

Still a bit underwater from being away. The top photo is completely random, btw. One of the many random images that I snapped over the weekend fending off boredom between sets. I have no idea what that little vehicle is. Zamboni for the beach? Whatever it is, I like it.

I couldn’t get organized enough to cue up a track for today. In the absence of an AG post today, I’m sharing this photo contest with you.

Chrome bags teamed up with Hypebeast on this one. Go enter and will $1000. The theme is ‘local legends.’ Everybody knows one. I can think of like 4 ppl I know who fall into this category.

This also showed up on the webz today–

Grungy turned 2, and interviewed a bunch of friends. It is a mega long post. But I’m on there somewhere in the mix.

If all of that isn’t enough, check out this insane street race in the Isle of Man. I would love to get in on this action.

The Greatest Show On Earth【HD】320kph / 200mph Street Race ★ ‘ISLE of MAN’ TT ★ from Locck9 on Vimeo.

[video via]

1 hot mess

Headed to CA this eve to shoot surfing at Huntington Beach. Although I’m very excited to go, I am a complete mess right now. I am in dire need of a haircut (my stylist is in Columbia on a family emergency), I have a huge blem on my face, I haven’t shaved since Monday, and I haven’t charged any batteries or packed anything yet. So basically things are shaping up really nicely. On top of everything, I can look forward to being away for approx 20 hours today before I will be able to get some rest. Hahahaha. I guess this is how it is sometimes for grownups. Hopefully I’ll have something good to show for my efforts at some point.


tues sans goodness

No music today. I’m a bit disorganized this week. I mean, the crappy iPhone shot at the top should give you an idea of what I’m working with today. Hahahah. I’m kind of scrambling to try to get everything in order for my trip out west on Thurs.  On top of that, there are a lot of things in play right now in my personal life. There are some pretty big changes coming down the pike this fall. I guess I’m saying that my plate is kind of full at the moment. I’m very excited about some of the developments. Others are more administrative, and some are downright thorns in my ass. Anyway– just trying to keep my head above water, like everyone else.

more of the usual

It has been a busy and sweaty week so far. I have seem some very cool stuff at the menswear trade shows that are currently in town. I’ll probably post a few items later this week, or next. Until then, enjoy this shot of the clouds that I snapped while riding my bike home, yesterday.

happy b-day jm

Happy birthday to Jake’s Mag. Since the first post on this blog was of my bleeding foot, I thought it would be appropriate to post another pic of my bloody foot on JM’s birthday.

photos from cylcling excursions

Friday evening, I recruited my friend Casey to join me on a ride on the west side path around sunset. I brought my cam along and snapped a few shots along the way. The one above, was actually on the return trip. We stopped at the 72nd St. Pier and chilled out for a while with some refreshments. Since the camera was just sitting on the table, I decided to get a long exposure of the old cargo crane (which is in the process of being town down).

The photo below is of the space shuttle Enterprise sitting in her new perch on the deck of the USS Intrepid.

Below: Casey at the GW.

The shot below is actually from the sunset on Thursday night. But I just thought I would throw it in for good measure.

winding down

This week has flown by. I can’t even believe that tomorrow I will already be headed to Charleston for the weekend. But, I am pretty happy about it. On my way to work today, I bent the rear rim of my bike (for the 4th time). So, I have decided to get some high profile double walled rims. Possibly I will just replace the whole wheel set. I’ll put up photos as soon as it happens.

I have never really been much of a cyclist until recently, even though I have always had bikes. I’m really starting to appreciate the whole culture of it (albeit, I think that I’m kinda relegated to the hipsterish subdivision of it, since I will never wear spandex and I only have one gear). Anyway, with the weather the way it is this time of year (example photo above taken this afternoon on my way back from a lunch mtg. in midtown), it is absolutely delicious to be out riding. My friend Mike put it best recently when he said: “things go by at just the right speed on a bike. Not too fast, like in a car. But not too slow, like walking.” Also, riding on the West Side path at night might possibly be my new obsession.

short weeks are boss

One of the best parts about long weekends, are the ensuing/preceding short weeks. What ends up happening is that a week’s worth of activities end up getting condensed into a four days. One of said activities that I happen to be looking forward to, is a race on Thursday. It is the AHA Wall Street 3 Mile Race. I have run this race a few times. It is kind of unique opportunity to be able to compete in a road race that weaves through the canyons of the Financial District.  I’m just hoping for good weather. Mama Nature is in full spring mode in these parts. Today was scorching sun and blazing heat/humidity, until about 7ish, when I snapped the photo above. Since that time, the wind and clouds have given way to torrential rain.

For anyone itching to read more of my pointless disorganized thoughts, I also posted this today.

thoughts on thurs

There is no bigger cop-out for the title of a post than using alliteration with the name of the day that it is published. Yikes! Anyway, I am back from Chi-town. It was a very rainy adventure. My friends have that new Range Rover crossover (forgot the name of the model). The panoramic roof (above) was phenomenal for viewing the city while we drove around.

It was very cool to be able to see my friends again. I was bummed when it was time to leave. To make matters worse, my flight was delayed 5 hours because of lightning. So, I didn’t end up getting to bed until just shy of 4 AM Monday morning. Not the best way to start the week. As fate would have it, last night was really the first night that I was able to go home from work at a reasonable hour, tidy up and get some sleep.

I had some grandiose plans for the week, including logging some solid miles running. I am going to feel like a bit of a poseur this weekend, since I have a race on Sat and Sun. I did ride my bike to work Monday though (got rained on, on the way home). Then, the following weekend is the Brooklyn Half-Marathon. This is probably my favorite NYRR race. Too bad that I’m out of shape and will most likely score a terrible time, this year. Oh well. At least I will have a lot of friends at the race. It will be a good time no matter what.

And that is why the title of this post is so lame.


It has already been a very busy week for me. That’s kinda good, because it makes the weekend arrive quickly. I rode my bike to work for the first time this year on Monday. It was a bit on the chilly side, which left tears streaming past both of my temples during the entire ride. I made a note to bring glasses next time. Since Monday, it has either been pouring rain in the morning (Tues), or else supposed to rain in the evening (Wed). The forecast for the remainder of the week isn’t looking so dry, either. But, when it does dry up I’m happy to finally have a short enough ride that I can wear nice clothes on the ride without getting them all sweaty. Gripping, I know.

I shot with one of my favorite lady DJs last night. It went very well and I’m pretty stoked about what we came away with. Also, this happened. Good times. Enjoy the rain!