It has already been a very busy week for me. That’s kinda good, because it makes the weekend arrive quickly. I rode my bike to work for the first time this year on Monday. It was a bit on the chilly side, which left tears streaming past both of my temples during the entire ride. I made a note to bring glasses next time. Since Monday, it has either been pouring rain in the morning (Tues), or else supposed to rain in the evening (Wed). The forecast for the remainder of the week isn’t looking so dry, either. But, when it does dry up I’m happy to finally have a short enough ride that I can wear nice clothes on the ride without getting them all sweaty. Gripping, I know.

I shot with one of my favorite lady DJs last night. It went very well and I’m pretty stoked about what we came away with. Also, this happened. Good times. Enjoy the rain!

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  1. Hey Jake,
    I have a photo question. Have you ever had a memory card crash? If so, is it possible to retrieve the images?

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