Crawling out from under a rock (sort of)

I hope that the image of the owl in this post doesn’t end up becoming ironic. I say that because, as everyone knows, the owl is traditionally associated with wisdom; and, as I’m dusting the mothballs off of this blog, I am questioning the wisdom of doing so.  Even though the issues that caused me to initially put it on hiatus have been resolved to a large degree, there are still a lot of items that are potentially in flux. Because there are still so many unknowns, I have decided to make a compromise and keep things extremely impersonal.

There are a few reasons that I have decided to fire this page up again. One reason is because I feel like it kind of grounds me in a way that other things cannot. That reason might not make a lot of sense. Beyond that, I have found that in the past months, I have been spamming the bejeebus out of my friends with email messages full of links to items that I find inspiring, aesthetically valuable, etc.. In particular, over the past month I have been sending one of my friends a “daily art link.” It is generally a link to something that I liked on boooooom! or Complex with a caption like “so dope” or “I love the colors.” I decided that if I’m going to go through the trouble to paste the link into an email or onto g+, what is the harm in reposting that stuff to Jake’s Mag with some light commentary? Right? I have to admit that the idea of posting images that aren’t my own seems a bit weird. But when things mellow out a bit more, I’m hoping to get back to full speed.

So even though this might be a bad idea, or even worse (boring), Here I go: I was flipping through Jux this morning and came across this set of owl paintings by John Pusateri. I am really into this set. I’m a sucker for art involving birds, anyway. So, I’m kind of an easy sell on any photos or paintings of birds that are even marginally well done. Pusateri’s work is definitely worth clicking through and checking out the set on Juxtapoz.

If you are into bird art, and you didn’t see the Edun campaign that Ryan McGinley shot earlier this year, you should definitely check that out too.


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  1. whooo whooo is this I see?! hahaha I have missed your blog. I definitely understand having some sort of outlet where you can write your thoughts or share your interests. I always enjoy yours. Welcome back! 🙂

  2. Welcome back! You and your thoughts and pictures have been missed! Hope you are taking good care of you and your sweet little one! 🙂

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