Props to Adobe– free cs2 for all!

In an effort to curb software piracy, Adobe is offering Photoshop CS2, for free. Yes, CS2 was released several years ago, and CS6 is the current version. However, the capabilities of CS2 are leaps and bounds over Photoshop Elements (the consumer version of Photoshop). For the price (free) it is much more attractive than risking the malware that often comes with pirated software. I think that this is an amazing move on the part of Adobe. Read the details on DIYphotography. BoingBoing also posted this link today, and last time I checked the Adobe download page was actually down. I would imagine that they are throttling the page because of the undoubtedly huge response. Anyway, it is definitely worth checking back and downloading when the site is working again if you enjoy photography and don’t currently own a profession version of Photoshop.

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