1 year worth of iPhone photos

I got this idea from a friend a few years ago. When I use the cam on my phone, I tend to snap 5-10 frames. So when I lumped all of them into a video, it came out like a flip book or stop motion. This vid is actually a bit over a year worth of images from my phone. Each image appears for .3 of a second, yet still comes out on the long side of 10 mins. Anyway, this is probably the most personal thing that I have posted since Jan or Feb of 2012. So, try not leave any hate comments.

1 year worth of iPhone photos. from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

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  1. 1. I freaking LOVED that! It was amazing and inspiring.

    Now I know what I need to start working on for my next project!!

  2. amazing! what a fabulous idea and unique way to look back at a year.

    ps always love pics of the cutest little pj ever!

  3. @persia Good point. I have added them on the Vimeo page, and below for your convenience:

    Audio tracks–

    1. Phantogram– “Don’t Move”

    2. Santigold– “Disparate Youth”

    3. XXYYXX– “Fields”

    4. Jamie XX Feat. Florence– “You’ve Got the Love”

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