SLC from the (sooty) air

One of my favorite activities when I visit the parents, is to go flying with my dad. We almost always go super early in the morning. In the past, we have flown up and down the Wasatch mountain range, to Logan, To Vegas, etc.. During my most recent visit, we took a flight over the mountains to the west of Salt Lake Valley, and over the Great Salt Lake. There is a phenomenon called an inversion that occurs often in the winter in Salt Lake City. It is when the cold air gets trapped in the valley and fills with water vapor/particulate matter. It is gross looking from the ground. But it is actually kind of beautiful from above when it is being lit up by the morning light. Here are a bunch of snaps that I grabbed during our smoggy flight–

This red tailed hawk was not phased when we taxied down the runway 20 feet from it–


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