I want this– hush felt pod

I came across this gem on Complex, over the weekend. I love it, and I want one. Here is the lowdown-

If you live in a crowded urban center, you may not even remember the last time you were alone in a space of solitary bliss. Overpopulation is a growing issue on our planet, and to propose a new way of enjoying privacy, British designer Freyja Sewell has envisioned Hush, a felt pod that fits just one. Three years since she first conceived of the design, the private pod is now available for purchase.

Hush is entirely biodegradable, using a single piece of industrial wool felt for its main construction and recycled wool fibers collected from British carpet manufacturers for its internal padding. The environmentally friendly build ensures a positive attitude from its occupant as it provides a private space for work, meditation, a nap, or any casual chilling. Now you can create your own space anywhere by setting up camp in the midst of any busy social activity, but be careful not to become antisocial


I want this: Tom Ford Yacht Parka

I’m a fan of most things that Tom Ford does. Additionally, I’m kind of a fiend for outerwear (esp. jackets). So, it is no real surprise that I’m so keen on this new yacht parka that is a part of Tom Ford’s S/S ’13 collection. I want the gingham one. I also wouldn’t mind having a yacht to wear it on, hehe.


I want this– outex SLR housings

Here is another item for the wishlist. A couple of years ago, I was taking a trip to Charleston to go sailing. I wanted to bring a nice camera on the boat, but was nervous about water damage. I looked on the B&H website at dedicated underwater housings, and was very dismayed by the price point. There are some other ziplock looking alternatives out there, but the flimsy construction wasn’t instilling a lot of confidence. I think that Outex may have come up with the perfect solution. I came across this piece on Uncrate, and am now tempted to pick one up, so that I can get some shots like this 😉

Here is what Uncrate says about the Outex housings–

Breathtaking underwater photos? Awesome. Paying more than you paid for your camera for a dedicated housing? Not so awesome. Outex Waterproof Camera Covers ($190 and up) offer a reasonably-priced alternative, hermetically sealing your DSLR from the world and giving you protection from mud, snow, and water to depths of 30+ feet. Simply select the cover, lens attachment, and viewfinder that’s right for your setup, bolt on any accessories you need, and start making some photos.


i want this– SX-70 land camera

I know that there has already been large amounts of camera-speak on Jake’s Mag, this month. But, I saw this fantastic looking camera today, and began to covet. According to Hypebeast:

Parisian boutique colette has teamed with The Impossible Project for a limited number of (50) SX70 Cameras and PX680 Film Kits. Distinctly bold from a physical standpoint, the camera has already been tested out by a number of professional shutterbugs including Mark Borthwick, Lisa Eisner, Vava Ribeiro, Ed Templeton, Todd Selby, Matt Jones, Olivier Zahm and Terry Richardson. These original Polaroids will then be showcased at the colette store. The SX70 Camera retails for €540 EUR (approximately $720 USD)

I have a pair of Polaroid 230 Land Cameras, and love them. Even though my past experience with Impossible Project has not been the best (the film is super temperamental), I would be willing to give Impossible Project another chance, to be able to shoot a bit with the SX-70. I’m even more inclined, since it apparently already has the stamp of approval from Ed Templeton and Terry Richardson.


i want this– ducati 1199

Even though in the world of GP, Ducati has struggled for the past year, I think that it is probably still my favorite brand of sport bikes. It’s distinctive L-twin growl appeals to me in a way that no other sport bike ever has. So, I was incredibly stoked to see this thing today on Uncrate, today. I’m imagining that the GP bike that Ducati has been developing for next season’s factory team riders (which is going back to the 1 Litre threshold of displacement) may have inspired some design aspects of the new 1199. Here is what Uncrate had to say:

Powered by what the company is calling “the most powerful twin-cylinder production engine on the planet,” the Ducati 1199 Panigale Superbike ($18,000-$28,000) promises uncompromising speed — and it delivers in spades. At its heart is the aforementioned Superquadro engine producing 195hp, which thanks to tremendous frame and engine integration resides in a bike with a dry weight of just 164kg — that’s roughly 362 lbs — along with class-leading tech like a sporty ABS system, traction control, Ducati’s Electronic Suspension, quick-shift, Engine Brake Control, and Ride-by-Wire systems, and a TFT display that changes to suit your environment. Not that you’ll have time to notice

Now I just need to raise $28k so that I can pick one up. Hehe.

i want this– led surfboard

My first few surf sessions that I ever had were at night. Night surfing is like a different world. I remember paddling out in Waikiki as a youngster, watching the reflection of the moon on the incoming sets. I would have killed to have a board like this. I’m not sure which idea I think is cooler. LED bike rims, or this surfboard. I guess I’ll take one of each, please. Check out the video below.

MUNDAKA 24H from aritzaranburu.com on Vimeo.


i want this– Stussy Cruiser

I want this Stussy Livin’ cruiser deck. I love the shape. It has lines that are reminiscent of boards that I skated in junior high. Not to mention it is made by a brand that was hot in the same era. I like long boards to have some versatility, like the kick nose + tail on this thing. It’s something that you can bomb hills with, as well as throw the occasional shuvit.


i want this– papercraft leica m3 pinhole camera

I remember taking my first photography class, in like 7th or 8th grade. One of the very first projects that we did was make pinhole cameras. We spent one day making the cameras (out of shoe boxes), then the next day wandering around campus during the entire period capturing images with them. We were exposing directly to photo paper, so everything was a negative. But I still remember how much fun it was.

Enter the paper Leica m3. How awesome is this? I would say that it is quite an upgrade from the rickety shoebox contraption that I built back in the day. This printable papercraft Leica m3 was designed by Matthew Nicholson, and is available for download from his site for only £1.50. It comes with assembly instructions (which appear to indicate that it shoots 220 medium format film [same as the Holga]). I think that I may have found a project for the weekend. A few more looks below–


I want this– Yosemite Paddle Board

I have always wanted a paddle board. My very first surfboard probably could have doubled as paddle board, since it was almost 12′ long. It was just lacking the thickness to have the requisite buoyancy. When I was learning how to surf, I used to watch the old guys out at Waikiki Beach use a canoe paddle to paddle out through the ankle slappers, while standing up. I always wondered what it would be like. But I never actually spent any time on a board that was designed for paddling. Lately I have noticed the sport becoming wildly popular in NYC. There is an organized paddle every year from the downtown boathouse, out and around the Statue of Liberty. Laird Hamilton comes out for that one. Last Friday when I was leaving work, I saw a dude strapping a 13′ paddle board onto the top of his Mini Cooper, parked on West St., just north of Battery Park. I wish that I would has snapped a photo of that one.

Anyway, check out these super styley new paddle boards by James Perse. I like pretty much all of the different colorways. I would seriously love to pick one up. If only I had somewhere to store it *sigh*. Hopefully some day.


I want this: NOKTOR 50mm f/.95

I was browsing Hypebeast today, when I came across this gem. Made by NOKTOR, this 50mm prime opens up to f/.95. Yes, that means that the aperture actually goes larger than the focal length. Pretty amazing. They are billing is as a “HyperPrime.” The lens can be ordered on the NOKTOR site, and ships starting July 31. The price is about $8,400 in Hong Kong dollars (from where the units ship). But that is only about $1100 USD. So, it is actually less expensive than the Canon 50mm f/1.2L. I would be curious to know how the NOKTOR glass stacks up against the Canon L optics. There is one huuuuuugggggeeeee drawback from my perspective, though. Besides not having AF, this lens only comes in MFT and E-mount. Which means that I would have to get an adapter to shoot with this on a Canon body. Hopefully they will remedy that issue by the time I actually get serious about purchasing one.

[images via NOKTOR & Hypebeast]