I want this– Yosemite Paddle Board

I have always wanted a paddle board. My very first surfboard probably could have doubled as paddle board, since it was almost 12′ long. It was just lacking the thickness to have the requisite buoyancy. When I was learning how to surf, I used to watch the old guys out at Waikiki Beach use a canoe paddle to paddle out through the ankle slappers, while standing up. I always wondered what it would be like. But I never actually spent any time on a board that was designed for paddling. Lately I have noticed the sport becoming wildly popular in NYC. There is an organized paddle every year from the downtown boathouse, out and around the Statue of Liberty. Laird Hamilton comes out for that one. Last Friday when I was leaving work, I saw a dude strapping a 13′ paddle board onto the top of his Mini Cooper, parked on West St., just north of Battery Park. I wish that I would has snapped a photo of that one.

Anyway, check out these super styley new paddle boards by James Perse. I like pretty much all of the different colorways. I would seriously love to pick one up. If only I had somewhere to store it *sigh*. Hopefully some day.


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