New York Street Art

I don’t mean to write two “I heart NY” posts in a row. But, I really enjoy the non-stop visual stimulation that occurs just walking around the City. Today I was on the way to shoot this, and I happened upon the scene pictured above (and below). I don’t know what I like more about what is going on here– several dozen trampled roses on the sidewalk, or a dog that looks like a baby deer. I think it is going to be a good weekend.

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  1. sometimes i get all excited about my photos cause they actually turned out like i wanted. then i look at yours and realize mine look like SHIT.

    do we cuss on your blog? cuz i did.

    not to sound all lame on you, but we have a million domestic things to do tomorrow before we head out of town on monday. we’ll be back next weekend. we gotta stop talking about this double date thing and actually do it already. deal?

  2. Woo a red heeler! Going along the lines of shitty pictures, each time I post pictures on my blog, I think to myself about how all the people that know how to take good pictures are going to judge my crappy ones. Oh well.

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