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It is bicycle weather. I’m pretty excited about it. I filled out all of the requisite paperwork this week to park my bike in the building where I work. Parking inside is the best way to avoid this happening again. They issued me the little blue tag in the image below to make it legit. So, Wednesday night I put some air in the tires. It is supposed to rain until Friday. But I am hoping to start pedaling to work starting next Mon.

Speaking of biking, I’m not really a helmet wearer. Ok, I’m not a helmet wearer at all. But, thanks to creative Swedish design, maybe we won’t have to wear a plastic dome to be protected while riding. I came across this amazing piece of  Scandinavian innovation today on Cool Hunting.

Here is what it looks like undeployed:

It is basically a hipster’s w*t dream.

–“Dude, I like your scarf.”

“It’s not a scarf”

–“I mean I like your hood”

“It’s not a hood, it’s a Swedish airbag helmet.”

–“Well, I like your yellow suspenders, moustache and flannel, too.”

I also like how they dropped all of the blacks out of that second image. Moving on… This week I also saw the little device below on TWBE. Yeah, that’s right– bluetooth bike speakers. Finally.

Completely unrelated to bikes, this went up on Tuesday.

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  1. Hahaha! When I saw the first pic of the cranium airbag getup I was thinking, “You wont wear a helmet but you’d wear a crazy inflatable thingy about 4 times the size of a helmet and just ever so slightly more obtrusive…” But then I scrolled a little more – much to my relief – and the whole scarf/hoodie aint so bad… rather funky in fact!

  2. Looking at the pic with the dude on the bike and before I scrolled down and read under the photo I was thinking how much I love how thye’d dropped all the black . :-)… Great minds think alike …:-)… P.s blue tooth speakers?….are on my “must purchase” list…

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