happy friday

Or should I say “stressful Friday.” I have so much to get done today before I jam to Alaska. I’m not going to bore anyone by putting a list on here. But trust me, it is a lot.

I’m so excited to see my sister and her fam in Alaska. It has been way too long. It will also be a very nice opportunity to have a protracted break from the grind.

Have a great weekend!


aether summer photo contest

I saw this the other day and thought that I would pass along the info to any fashion savvy photogs who happen to read this page. Aether is holding a summer photo contest. The prize is lots of cool Aether accessories/apparel, plus a camera. Here is their description:


Anyone familiar with us knows we’ve sort of got of a thing for inspirational imagery. (If you’re not, feel free to look around our site.) Good photography has the ability to transport, whether that be to a physical location or to a particular state of mind. And with warm weather in the air we’d like to be transported to a summer state of mind, so we’re asking all of you to share your pictures of summer adventure. What is your idea of a perfect summer trip?  What does summer mean to you?

(June 15th thru July 15th)
We’ll be taking submissions for a little over a month, up until July 15th. Please email us your name, the title of the image, a brief description, and the picture as an attachment to journal@aetherapparel.com. Please use the subject line SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST. We will only accept one picture per person, so please only send one. Also, this should go without saying, but please only submit your own original photography. (Google has gotten really good at sifting out fraudulent work.)

See their official page about the contest here. There are still 2 weeks to enter. So get snapping!

rick ross

Tuesday night alife held a private show to celebrate the launch of ‘Self Made Vol.2’. It is a collaborative album with other members of the Maybach Music group. I covered the event for Titel. These are a couple of my faves. Top: Rick Ross. Below: Wale.


koston x oakley

Over the weekend Vice Mag threw a party at the East Village Standard to celebrate the new collaboration between Eric Koston and Oakley. Eric is a really cool guy and was fun to shoot with. Check out the coverage on HS for the full recap.

Aaaaannnddd, here is a photo of me in a mirror. Hahahah

audio goodness– santi

Getting back to some staples this week and next with AG. Santigold released a new album in 2012 called “Master of my Make-Believe” and it is awesome. It reminds me a bit of MIA, minus the fraud. Anyway, I wrote about one of her tracks over here before. Also, let’s not forget the collab she did with Beastie Boys. The track I’m sharing today is called “Disparate Youth.” I love the high energy of this track because of the super high BPM. It balances out well with her mellow flowing vocals. Listen.


weekend throwaways

I was super busy shooting earlier this weekend. It’s funny how often I find that as I’m flipping through a set of images, that I end up liking a certain aesthetic images that I won’t be able to use for anything. I generally refer to those images as throwaways. Most of the time I just muse over them for a couple of minutes in lightroom, then don’t even bother exporting them. Today I decided to pick a handful of throwaways from Friday and post ’em up.

Above: sunset on Friday eve. Below: roof of the EV Standard.

Above: Cooper Square from above. Below: some diehard who was shooting for Vice.

The same scene from above 3 minutes later:


happy friday

It is bloody hot in NY, these days. Hot trash, ground level ozone, and all of the other nasty things that comewith durrrdy summer have arrived in force this week. Pretty amped to do as little as possible this weekend. Tonight however, I will be hitting a party to launch the Koston collab with Oakely, as well as a soiree at the Bowery. They should both be good times as long as no one melts.

This time next week I will be packing for Alaska. I’m getting very excited to visit my sister and her family. When I return, it will already be time to start training my fall marathon. Ughhh. I can’t believe that June is already practically over. I’m hoping to milk this summer for all that it is worth.

Fav photo of trixie in action (so far):

I snapped it on the way to work on Wed. Have a great weekend.

fuel band update

You may recall me mentioning this little gadget a few weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical about its accuracy, how much I would actually wear it after the promo period, etc.. Well, here we are nearly two months later and I really only remove it to shower and charge it. I’m referring to my Nike+ Fuelband. I am a bit of a gadgetwhore, this is true. But I really believe that my fuelband has caused me to be more conscientious about how active I am during the day. On top of that, the pedometer appears to be pretty accurate, despite not having a foot pod (like the sportband). What is more, is that Nike recently melded the Nike+ Running dashboard with the Fuel dashboard. I have it on good authority that new new sport watches will also be measuring the “Fuel” metric. Even if all of it is smoke and mirrors, I can’t deny the extra motivation that I get from seeing the numbers and graphs go up when I have an active day. Also, my daughter loves pressing the button and watching the LEDs light up.

moto x in md

Saturday I took a trek down south to Mechanicsville, MD with the RedBull KTM moto-x crew to shoot some outdoor track action. It was a really good time. For one, we took Amtrak to get to MD. Something that I have not done in my adult life. I have taken regional trains since then (here and in Europe), but nothing over like an hour or so.

As far as the race goes, there wasn’t much competition. Ryan Dungey (above) detonated both rounds with a gap of almost 10 seconds at the checkered flag. But the atmosphere was very fun. The weather was beautiful. Plus, I love motorcycles. Here is an overview of the track.

My friend A-Raj, who also came along–

Trusty 70-200 f/2.8–

Fave shots from the ride back–

audio goodness

Craft Spells are a relatively recent discovery of mine. But I have to say that I am really digging. As with several of the groups that I have shared on AG in the past weeks (ok, months.. I have been slacking), they have a very throwback late 80’s/early 90’s vibe. Some of their songs sound like Dead or Alive, others like Joy Division (albeit less depressing [if you don’t consider “depressing” to be an inherent quality of Joy Div. Okay, I guess I kind of do too]). Anyway, Craft Spells hail from the land of Curt (Kurdt) Cobian: Seattle. Check out this track from their album “Idle Labor.” It’s called “After the Moment.” Click this [BUTTON] to listen.



musique plastique @ agnes b

I mentioned this installation on Friday, but I thought it would be requisite to share a little more. The contributing artists include: Tobias Bernstrup, Hisham Bharoocha, Etienne Charry, Brian DeGraw, Daniel Johnston, Jonas Mekas, Thurston Moore, David Shrigley, Alan Vega, Ben Vida, Liz Wendelbo.

I think that my favorite piece was this medley of vintage radios that were setup to play different parts of the same song in unison. I love art that has multiple mediums. A very cool visual and audio aesthetic.

Definitely stop through and check it out, if you have the occasion.

photos from cylcling excursions

Friday evening, I recruited my friend Casey to join me on a ride on the west side path around sunset. I brought my cam along and snapped a few shots along the way. The one above, was actually on the return trip. We stopped at the 72nd St. Pier and chilled out for a while with some refreshments. Since the camera was just sitting on the table, I decided to get a long exposure of the old cargo crane (which is in the process of being town down).

The photo below is of the space shuttle Enterprise sitting in her new perch on the deck of the USS Intrepid.

Below: Casey at the GW.

The shot below is actually from the sunset on Thursday night. But I just thought I would throw it in for good measure.

happy friday

Trixie (my bike) has been in the shop since last Friday, getting shod with some new rims. I was perpetually bending the rear rim (including one pinch flat, where I had to replace the tire) anytime that I would ride over any small deviation in surface smoothness. It was getting kind of ridiculous. So, I finally broke down and ordered a set of high profile (hipster) rims. I picked her up yesterday right after leaving the office and ended up riding everywhere I went yesterday evening (which was kind of a lot of places). First I hit the latest installation at the SoHo Agnés b. That is where I snapped the photo above (on Howard St.). Not really sure why I didn’t just bust out the real cam for that shot, being that it was slung over my back. So, you getz iPhone image. Sorry.

After Agnés, I went to the WV for a Nike release party. Obama was in town yesterday, and his motorcade actually passed right in front of the spot where the event was being held. So, getting around was like a video game of weaving in and out of cars/cops. It was actually kinda fun.

Tomorrow, I’m off to MD, bright and early to shoot some moto-x with Redbull. Sunday morning I’ll be running the Portugal day race in CP. Should be a banger. Have a great weekend.

weekend recap

Despite getting off to a bit of a rough start (missed my connection and had to spend the night in DC), the weekend was a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun and was able to get some sun.It is tough to come back and get straight back into the grind.

happy friday

I received a copy of the latest issue of L’equipe Sport & Style in the mail yesterday. It is a French mag that did a story on KAWS this month. They approached me last month about using the photo below. It is one that I snapped at the Aldrich museum in Connecticut during the exhibits opening soiree.

About to rock a morning run before packing for Charleston. I’m pretty amped about this trip. It sounds like my homeys down there have plenty o’ good lined up for us to do. Sangue bom, those two. Have a great weekend!

‘come as you are’

One of my favorite contemporary artists, SatOne (I wrote about him previously over  here) recently released the image above of his new piece ‘come as you are.’ In addition to creating fantastic abstract art, SatOne uses a canvases that frequently have very good aspect ratios for iPhone wallpaper. So by keeping up on SO’s work, one has access to a regularly updated stream of abstract art iPhone wallpaper. I may or may not exclusively use SatOne art for my iPhone wallpaper. Enough people ask me about it, that I though I would share.