weekend recap

Sunday was an incredibly productive day. I woke up super early and ran to the park for the race. It was the same 4 mile course as last week. I finished 4 seconds slower than last week, hahaha. I wasn’t able to linger after the race and hangout with my friends, like I normally enjoy doing. I motored up to Westchester for some quality family time. Upon returning to the city, I stopped through B&H to pick up some stuff for a shoot that I have lined up this week. Afterward, I rolled down to SoHo for a bit of shopping.

Nixon came out with two new styles of watches with canvas bracelets. When I first saw them announced last month, I was pretty excited to pick one (some) up. I have been calling the Burton store for a couple of weeks waiting for them to be in stock. They finally got them in as of yesterday. I grabbed a “Mellor” (which I snapped a shot of, above). I also picked up a white “Quad.” I’m pretty amped about both of them.

After SoHo, I walked a bit south still for some location scouting in TriBeCa. Pretty excited about the options that I came up with. I was able to catch a quick round of Rock Band at my friend’s pad before heading home in time to catch the sunset. Hoping for a great week.


I had a very productive evening Friday, and day Saturday. I met some very cool people. The only downside is that it is a bit on the cool side, weather-wise. I wasn’t really expecting that. So, I was wearing a light jacket for the Times Sq. event that I was shooting Friday night. I found myself literally shivering by the time that it wrapped. I have a bit of a thing lately for photographing birds in flight. I snapped the one above on Saturday morning from my bedroom window. The one below was in Times Square on Friday night.

Speaking of birds in flight, I finally figured out a time to go visit my sister in Alaska. I’ll be headed there for the whole week of the 4th of July. I’m very excited about it.

A bit sooner than that I will be traveling to Chicago to visit my Friends there one last time before they move to Atl. That little jaunt will actually be occurring this coming weekend. Also very excited about that one.

Sunday morning, I’ll be racing the “Run as One” 4m in CP. At the suggestion of a friend, I think that I’m going to make it a thing, now– to just start running from my house when I have a race in CP. I figure, why not? Especially since it was surprisingly invigorating last weekend, after I realized that I wasn’t going to miss the race. I’ll just plan on giving my self a little bit of an extra time cushion in the morning. That’s all.

happy friday

I have been tapped by HS to cover Nike’s NFL draft events this weekend. As a result, I will be rocking my new Fuel Band. So, I’ll let you know how that goes. Or, you can follow @highsnobiety on instagram to get some up to the minute action this evening and tomorrow. Here is a shot of my virigin dashboard below.

In addition to the draft activities this weekend, I have another race on Sunday morning. I will also be location scouting for an upcoming shoot that I’m pretty excited about. The weather is supposed to cooperate for all of the above. So, I’m kind of excited to get this weekend going. Have a good one.

bike stuff

It is bicycle weather. I’m pretty excited about it. I filled out all of the requisite paperwork this week to park my bike in the building where I work. Parking inside is the best way to avoid this happening again. They issued me the little blue tag in the image below to make it legit. So, Wednesday night I put some air in the tires. It is supposed to rain until Friday. But I am hoping to start pedaling to work starting next Mon.

Speaking of biking, I’m not really a helmet wearer. Ok, I’m not a helmet wearer at all. But, thanks to creative Swedish design, maybe we won’t have to wear a plastic dome to be protected while riding. I came across this amazing piece of  Scandinavian innovation today on Cool Hunting.

Here is what it looks like undeployed:

It is basically a hipster’s w*t dream.

–“Dude, I like your scarf.”

“It’s not a scarf”

–“I mean I like your hood”

“It’s not a hood, it’s a Swedish airbag helmet.”

–“Well, I like your yellow suspenders, moustache and flannel, too.”

I also like how they dropped all of the blacks out of that second image. Moving on… This week I also saw the little device below on TWBE. Yeah, that’s right– bluetooth bike speakers. Finally.

Completely unrelated to bikes, this went up on Tuesday.

2012 digital reel from brain farm

Brain Farm is the outfit that shot all of those recent Redbull snowboarding vids with Travis Rice. There is a lot of amazing video footage out there these days. There has almost become a pervasive school of thought that if a person can get their hands on a phantom, they can produce some ridiculous film. I guess that is true, to a degree. But for me personally, seeing a compilation like the one below that is all produced by the same house, is enough to reinforce my opinion that the camera is only as good as the eye behind it. If you want to see some breathtaking video, push play below (don’t forget to watch it full screen).

audio goodness– beastie boys grand royal

I had to throw in this photo from like 2008 or 2009 (long enough ago that I still thought it was a good idea to watermark my stuff, hahahah). It was at the LRG holiday party and Mick Boogie was DJing. Why is that relevant? Because Mick just put out a ridiculously cool Beastie Boys mix to commemorate the rock hall of fame induction. I pulled a quote from Hypebeast:

In honor of the Beastie Boys being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last week… I thought it’s finally the right time to do a Beasties mixtape. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time… something people have asked me to do for a long time, actually… but I wanted it to mean something. Now, it’s finally the right time.

I present to you Grand Royal. 80 minutes of my favorite Beastie Boys rarities, remixes, demos, live versions, out-takes, and more. If you’re a Beasties fan, I guarantee you find something new and exciting on this mix!

Here is one of the tracks from the mix “Dope Little Song.”

You can download the whole mix over here.

weekend recap

Above –^ is what most of the day looked like on Sunday. However, there was a sweet spot in the early AM when the rain Gods spared 7000+ runners a wet and miserable race.

Sort of funny story (in retrospect)– The race started at 8. So, I was going to try to be at the CP band shell by 7:30 to pick up my #/ locate some friends, and casually make my way to the starting line. I was standing on the C train platform in Penn by 5 after 7. This should have given me scads of time to accomplish all of the previously stated activities. After waiting for 20 mins for the train (and having none in sight all of the way down the tunnel), I started to panic a bit. I didn’t bring anything with me but a metrocard, or else I would have just grabbed a cab. I decided that it would probably take the same amount of time to walk back to the apt. and get cash/jump in a cab, as it would to just run to CP. So I opted for a 2.5 mile warm up, hahahaha. There was hardly any traffic on 8th Ave. So, I just rocked the bus lane all of the way uptown. I arrived at the registration tent just in time to slap on my number while walking to the start chute. All things told, it worked out perfectly. Here are my stats–

Last Name First Name Sex/
Bib Team City State Country Overall
Breinholt Jacob M35 94 NYRC NEW YORK NY USA 395 365 80 0:26:59 06:45

In the post finish I ran into all of my teammates and a bunch of other homeys that I hadn’t seen for a long time. We exchanged sweaty hugs and chatted until we were shivering before dispersing to our respective destinations. It was raining by the time that I came back above ground 25 blocks later. Bonus= the apples were delicious.

a couple of more from last week

These are a couple of additional images from last week that I liked. Also, these were published on Friday.

I’m really enjoying the weekend so far. I had a lot of fun on Friday night, and the weather on Saturday was gorgeous. I know it is a long shot, but if the rain can just hold off until after the race Sunday morning I would basically be completely content.

I have been doing a lot more writing with pen and paper, these days. Although I don’t ride the subway nearly as much as I used to, I have two long rides on the weekends now since a few weeks ago. It is easy to get a seat on the weekend. So Instead of reading mags or whatever, I have been bleeding out ink while sitting on the train. It turns out that I have a lot to say when I know that no one will ever read it. Since the time that I started writing this post, a monsoon has begun outside my window. So much for no rain at the race, hehe.

é seixta novamente

Yesterday I shot the new A.P.C. store in the West Village. It is a very cool space. They had an opening party last night, which is always good times. I’m sure that I would have enjoyed it more had it not been the culmination of a series of crazy days. Even such, it was enjoyable. I was able to go home directly afterward and finally get a solid night of sleep. I really liked the way that the above sequence came out. This one’s mine, too.

Some good stuff on tap for the weekend, including a race in CP on Sunday. Looking forward to decompressing a bit and hanging out with the peeps I like. Have a great weekend.

this ‘n’ that

I wanted to post these moodyish shots from the weekend. Sunday evening I was able to just chill for a bit near the water to watch the helicopters come and go.

I also want to write a bit about running. A few weeks ago (seven, to be exact) I wrote about about how I was going to be in shape in six weeks. Wellahhhh, I’m not exactly there, but have made a lot of progress. Last weekend, I finished my first double digits run of the year, and felt great afterward. I followed up with 4 the next day and had no problem keeping the pace right around 7mm. I haven’t been as consistent as I would like to be. But I think that with the weather getting nicer, it will be a lot easier. So there is my positive little note to accompany these moody photos.

audio goodness– j. hendrix

Along with most other aspects of my life, this blog has been sucking pretty bad lately. I supposed that in large part it has to do with the fact that I don’t really write anything anymore. That isn’t to say that it was “so” awesome or something when I did actually put some words on a post. It is tough when so much that is currently happening in my sphere is unbloggable (in my opinion). To make up for it, I’m going to drop a music post that actually has some meat to it. It has been a while, I know.

The only way that I have been able to motivate myself to run lately, is by listening to music. Sunday when I was out pounding pavement, “Voodoo Chile” came on. It brought back a whole series of thoughts and memories.

I love the music of Jimi Hendrix. I love the idea of Jimi Hendrix. He and Jim Morrison, to me are enigmatic purveyors of the essence of rock. I imagine that the sensations I had listening to The Doors and Jimi Hendrix at a young age is probably similar to what the kids of today feel about Nirvana. I wonder what it must have been like to be a contemporary of Hendrix, to hear him play his upside-down backwards guitar live.

I had some friends that I played music with when I was in high school. At the time, we called ourselves a band. We would get together once a week (or whenever) and bang out our 5 or so original songs, followed by a few cover songs, followed by a jam session that would wax on until the neighbors called and asked us to shut it down. After that, we would generally do something like watch a movie, or talk about what gear we were going to save up for.

I remember one particular night after one of the aforementioned jam sessions, my friends and I watched a movie. One cool thing for me, is that I was the youngest member of the band. So, I was able to learn about what was going on with the older kids by virtue of hanging out with my band mates. It also means that my band mates were old enough to rent R-rated movies. I’m going to change some names to protect the innocent. So one night– there we were after band practice hanging out in Moel Marrard’s basement. Moel had a new release VHS from Blockbuster called “In the Name of the Father.” I hadn’t really even heard of it.

The film is a period piece depicting an Irish teenager who was wrongly convicted of any IRA bombing in Belfast. The film is extremely moving. My point of sharing this story is that, I was sitting there with Moel and the rest of band mates in the basement of the Marrard family residence. The movie had been on long enough that I was starting to get super captivated. Suddenly there was a very powerfully shot riot scene where all of the IRA kids were charging the cops with bricks and bottles. The soundtrack to that scene was “Voodoo Chile.” That was the first time I had ever heard it. I was blown away. The guitar, the biblical references in the lyrics, all of it. I couldn’t believe that I had spent 16 years of my life without having heard this song. The raw emotion that I felt seeing those riot images with Hendrix’s guitar blasting, literally gave me goose bumps. I almost get them just writing about it.

That was a really long way of saying that I really like this song. Turn your headphones all of the way up and give it a spin.



The past weekend was one of the weirdest Easter weekends that I can remember. Overall it was positive. The weather was fantastic the entire time. Even though I missed a race that I had registered for, I did end up getting some running done. I was also able to hangout with some good friends who were in town from Texas. I was busy enough that I didn’t really have any time to shoot anything interesting (hence another iPhone photo). But I did get off to a quick start this week– shooting some promo shots of a clothing store in the VW, this morning. Here’s hoping for a good week.

the post office

I snapped this shot with my phone on the way to the subway yesterday morning. I’m having a lot of existential thoughts/feelings lately. Perhaps because of that, this is a really powerful image to me at the moment.

Shifting gears– The weather is beautiful today. The sky is blue and I didn’t need a jacket this morning. Simple pleasures can be clutch.

keith haring at the brooklyn museum

Last Thursday, a new exhibit opened at the Brooklyn Museum featuring the art of Keith Haring. Some friends and I attended the member preview. It was pretty cool. Definitely check it out if you are in the area.

tommy x club monaco

This week, street style icon Tommy Ton celebrated the launch of his collaboration with Club Monaco at the CM flagship in the Flatiron district. I totally idolize this dude. I drool over basically every shot that he posts on Jak and Jil. The event was chill and a lot of my friends were there. It was a nice distraction from the complete chaos going on in my person life at the moment. Here are a few additional shots–