winding down

This week has flown by. I can’t even believe that tomorrow I will already be headed to Charleston for the weekend. But, I am pretty happy about it. On my way to work today, I bent the rear rim of my bike (for the 4th time). So, I have decided to get some high profile double walled rims. Possibly I will just replace the whole wheel set. I’ll put up photos as soon as it happens.

I have never really been much of a cyclist until recently, even though I have always had bikes. I’m really starting to appreciate the whole culture of it (albeit, I think that I’m kinda relegated to the hipsterish subdivision of it, since I will never wear spandex and I only have one gear). Anyway, with the weather the way it is this time of year (example photo above taken this afternoon on my way back from a lunch mtg. in midtown), it is absolutely delicious to be out riding. My friend Mike put it best recently when he said: “things go by at just the right speed on a bike. Not too fast, like in a car. But not too slow, like walking.” Also, riding on the West Side path at night might possibly be my new obsession.


I am the type of person who appreciates tattoos from afar. I don’t think that I would ever get one. Most of my siblings have them. A couple of my siblings have a lot of them. Anyway, this week I’m working on a project for SL, where I get to snap some tattooed New Yorkers. I’m having a pretty good time doing it. These are a few of the images, so far.

weekend recap

Despite the rainy forecast, the weather was actually quite lovely over the weekend (never mind that the rain has resumed again today). As a result, I probably put about 50 or 60 miles on the bicycle odometer. I think that my favorite ride of the weekend was Saturday evening, when I rode uptown on the Hudson greenway, almost to the northern edge of the island. I brought my camera with me to snap a few sunset shots from Riverside Park. They came out pretty cool. But, my favorite shot from the evening was the one above. I snapped it near the 70th St. pier on my way back downtown. Isn’t it cute the way that birds stand on one leg (even little songbirds). That shot was with a 50mm, btw. The bird let me get right up near it. I think that the birds here become very accustomed to people being in their space and tend to drop their guard a bit as a result.

Anyway, it was nice to have a mellow weekend before the very busy week that I have lined up, starting today. I’m going to be shooting some stuff this week that I’m kind of excited about, including some tattoo work. Happy Monday.

happy friday

I rode past this dude fishing off of the BPC esplanade, on my way into work this morning. I had to stop and get a shot of that striped bass that he had just landed. It looks like it is probably a 10 pounder. I felt bad for him though, because as he was wrestling the hook out of the fish’s mouth, he knocked one of his poles into the Hudson. So, in the shot above he is actually cursing and attempting to snag his other pole with the gaffe. Poor guy. I hope that he was able to find it.

Speaking of the esplanade, the Wall St. 3 mile race was last night. The finish line was about a half mile south of where I snapped the shot above. It was a lot of fun. A few of my friends from the running club were there, as well as some friends that I used to work with. We all met up before and after the race. The race itself was as crazy as usual. But I have to say weather-wise it was probably the most pleasant iteration that I have seen, to date. I think that I ended up with a 19:30ish. But the official results still weren’t up when I started writing this.

For the weekend: mellow mixed with mellow is what I’m hoping for. Next weekend I’ll be off to Charleston. Enjoy the weekend!

short weeks are boss

One of the best parts about long weekends, are the ensuing/preceding short weeks. What ends up happening is that a week’s worth of activities end up getting condensed into a four days. One of said activities that I happen to be looking forward to, is a race on Thursday. It is the AHA Wall Street 3 Mile Race. I have run this race a few times. It is kind of unique opportunity to be able to compete in a road race that weaves through the canyons of the Financial District.  I’m just hoping for good weather. Mama Nature is in full spring mode in these parts. Today was scorching sun and blazing heat/humidity, until about 7ish, when I snapped the photo above. Since that time, the wind and clouds have given way to torrential rain.

For anyone itching to read more of my pointless disorganized thoughts, I also posted this today.

sunset seq

This nutty Memorial Day weekend weather had produced some pretty stellar sunsets. Here is a sequence I snapped from my bedroom on Saturday night.

happy friday

Amped for the long weekend. Stopped by Fafi’s book signing this week on Bowery. It was good to get out (despite the rain) and see my peeps. One of my fav’s below: Ricky Powell doing the over-the-glasses “how you doin’?”

I also ventured out last night to celebrate with my friends who recently started this page.

Plans for the weekend include:

-Fix Bike


Hopefully I can squeeze everything in.


It’s not like I haven’t been busy. Because I have. Just a little too lazy to write on the interwebz re: what I have been up to. I know that there have been scads of first world humans out there waiting with baited breath for the next post. So– sorry, dudes. Anyway, John Mayer again last weekend. (above).

As if that wasn’t enough– JR threw up this piece on the High Line a block from my pad.

And another shot.

More meaningful words later, maybe.

happy friday

Finally got this shoot knocked out, last night. The image above was exactly what I wanted. Nabbed another helicopter one (below) just for good measure. I have also decided not to run the BK Half tomorrow. I just don’t feel like dealing with the logistics, given all of the other items that I have going on this weekend. So, I feel like kind of a loser. But, oh well. Have a grand weekend.

tom sachs imagines mars

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the preview of the new Tom Sachs exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory on Tuesday night. I love his stuff. It reminds me of the kinda stuff that I would make when I was little and only had access to construction scraps, etc.. Only his stuff is way better. The exhibit is called “Space Program: Mars.” I think that the piece below was probably my favorite–

Among other heavy hitters, this guy was making the rounds that evening–

Watch this movie, if you haven’t already seen it.

props where props are due

Over the weekend, while some of us were struggling through 10ks, My BIL Jessie was whooping some a#$ in a half-marathon. Homeboy took 2nd place in weather that most people would not have gotten out of bed for. Alaska: the land of Seward’s folley, and pure badassery. Congratulations, Jessie!

[Photo: Sarah McCarron (I feel like this should be a Nike promo poster, BTW)]

audio goodness– hooray for earth

Another golden band (dude) from New York= Hooray for Earth. They have been around for a few years, but I only recently discovered them. In my opinion it is the perfect mix of downtempo and electropop (if that is even a thing). Sharing the title track from the album “True Loves”. Spin it.

w-end recap

This past weekend may have been the pinnacle of spring weather, as far as weekends go in NYC. The temperature was perfect. The sun was out. The breeze was delightful. Fortuitously, I was able to spend a solid chunk of my time outdoors enjoying it.

Saturday morning was the Healthy Kidney 10k. It wasn’t a great race for me. But, here are my results anyway.

Last Name First Name Sex/
Bib Team City State Country Overall
Breinholt Jacob M35 188 NYRC NEW YORK NY USA 594 551 106 0:43:36 0:21:05 07:02

Sunday, I opted out of running the Japan Day race to head upstate and get an early jump on my Sunday morning family time. It was definitely time well spent.

When I arrived back in the city on Sunday afternoon, the weather was so nice that I had to get back out there. So, I put on my sneaks and did some distance work. It was one of those 2 for 1 days. I was able to work on my vitamin D levels and workout the legs at the same time, hehe. I ended up knocking out 14 miles, and got a little bit of color on my nose. If nothing else it was a little confidence booster for next Saturday’s half-mara.

I took a quick nap after the jog and then headed out with my friend Sam to shoot some board shorts. Ultimately we are going to have to do it again on a different day, because the stupid clouds rolled in Sunday eve. It kind of spoiled the look that I was going for. But here is one anyway, from the throw-away session–

Have a great week!

happy friday

Happy Friday, I guess. Normally I really love the weekend. But, this weekend I’m struggling with a few items. Most of my friends are bouncing (home to visit their mothers, else to Costa Rica [else they live in Florence]). So there is that. Then there is the unbloggable stuff :/. Not unlike instagram, I [once loathed, but now] have apparently started to embrace emoticons. Mostly likely it is because all of my favorite ones involve commas and/or dollar signs. Money and tears– that’s all you need to make rap songs and emoticons.

In less lame news, I perused the private preview of the latest Opera Gallery exhibit on Thursday night (detail of ‘circulations of a linear lust’ by Augustine Kofie, above). Some of my fave artists were on display (including B*nksy). I also met Ron English, which was dope.

Finally: true love does exist. I realized that when I was going through the photos from last weekend. Look at the photo below by Jeni Bell. I gave her a quick crash course on how to use an SLR via the “focus/recompose” method of shooting. I think that it is pretty obvious by this photo that she only has eyes for one gent (the same one that she has been with for like 15 years, now). Have an amazing Mother’s Day weekend.

Also, this went up Monday. And I posted something over here, today.

thoughts on thurs

There is no bigger cop-out for the title of a post than using alliteration with the name of the day that it is published. Yikes! Anyway, I am back from Chi-town. It was a very rainy adventure. My friends have that new Range Rover crossover (forgot the name of the model). The panoramic roof (above) was phenomenal for viewing the city while we drove around.

It was very cool to be able to see my friends again. I was bummed when it was time to leave. To make matters worse, my flight was delayed 5 hours because of lightning. So, I didn’t end up getting to bed until just shy of 4 AM Monday morning. Not the best way to start the week. As fate would have it, last night was really the first night that I was able to go home from work at a reasonable hour, tidy up and get some sleep.

I had some grandiose plans for the week, including logging some solid miles running. I am going to feel like a bit of a poseur this weekend, since I have a race on Sat and Sun. I did ride my bike to work Monday though (got rained on, on the way home). Then, the following weekend is the Brooklyn Half-Marathon. This is probably my favorite NYRR race. Too bad that I’m out of shape and will most likely score a terrible time, this year. Oh well. At least I will have a lot of friends at the race. It will be a good time no matter what.

And that is why the title of this post is so lame.

happy friday

This week flew by for me. I’ll be headed to Chi Town tonight, and I’m pretty excited about it. Just hoping that the T-storms predicted for this evening won’t interfere with my flight. I won’t be doing any running this weekend. In fact, I probably won’t be doing anything that requires very much effort. This went up on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

shooting w/kate

Despite the pervasive rainy weather this week, Tuesday night actually ended up being amazing weather. As I mentioned earlier, I shot some stuff with a lady DJ friend of mine that evening. Most of the looks were inside, but we also had a location set planned. So, I was a bit nervous when I woke up Tuesday morning with sheets of rain pounding on the windows. But by the end of the day the sun was out and it was almost 70 degrees.

As soon as I deliver the images, I’ll post a proper set of my faves on


It has already been a very busy week for me. That’s kinda good, because it makes the weekend arrive quickly. I rode my bike to work for the first time this year on Monday. It was a bit on the chilly side, which left tears streaming past both of my temples during the entire ride. I made a note to bring glasses next time. Since Monday, it has either been pouring rain in the morning (Tues), or else supposed to rain in the evening (Wed). The forecast for the remainder of the week isn’t looking so dry, either. But, when it does dry up I’m happy to finally have a short enough ride that I can wear nice clothes on the ride without getting them all sweaty. Gripping, I know.

I shot with one of my favorite lady DJs last night. It went very well and I’m pretty stoked about what we came away with. Also, this happened. Good times. Enjoy the rain!