Benz Thanachart shout and shoot

I think that this idea is pretty amazing. Benz Thanachart, Thai photographer shouts nonsensical phrases on public transpo, then records the reaction of the other passengers with a photo. He created an entire series of these photos entitled “Smartphone.”

I’m a pretty big fan of art that involves social experiments. There was a period in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that my brother would amuse himself (and others) by feigning a Tourette attack in a crowded space just to see people react. I’m not trying to make light of Tourette Syndrome or anything. But I remember a few instances, particularly on the Vegas strip and in Times Square NY, that my brother pulled this stunt. I wish that I would have had the presence of mind to document the reactions of people.

My additional two cents is that this project would never work on the NYC subway. Maybe one or two ppl would look (if they didn’t have headphones on).


Bam and Terry

How do we feel about the recent photo shoot that our newly re-elected president of the USA did with Terry Richardson? I understand the value of Obama doing the talk shows and all of that other crap that was traditionally thought to be uncouth for the commander in chief. But, Terry Richardson? It’s almost like Bam is trying to create controversy or allude to a scandalous side of his personality.

Is he trying to purposely provide fodder for the extreme right wing? Okay, you want to score points with the edgy art/fashion crowd. Really? First of all, aren’t those the people that you can already bank on to support you? They already think you are cool. Second, why not shoot with someone like Scott Schuman or any other semi-boring yet prevalent fashion photog? Better yet, why not get portraits by an photog instead, like Annie Leibovitz? Then you get edgy but artsy instead of pervy and gross.

I mean, I’m not trying to get all political. I’m also not going to opine on the artistic value of Terry Richardson’s work. I’m just saying that anyone who knows anything about Terry Richardson would think twice about associating him or herself with the guy, if they are trying to maintain a sqeaky clean public image. If W mag won’t shoot with him anymore, that says a lot, in itself. I had always heard that TR was shady, but when the Jezebel article came out, I have to say that I was a bit shocked. It made me think differently of him as a person. It also cast a bit of a shadow on all of his work, from my perspective. Would Bam let his daughters shoot with the guy?

For Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kate Moss, etc., sure. But the Prez? Idk, man. It just feels weird to me.


Crawling out from under a rock (sort of)

I hope that the image of the owl in this post doesn’t end up becoming ironic. I say that because, as everyone knows, the owl is traditionally associated with wisdom; and, as I’m dusting the mothballs off of this blog, I am questioning the wisdom of doing so.  Even though the issues that caused me to initially put it on hiatus have been resolved to a large degree, there are still a lot of items that are potentially in flux. Because there are still so many unknowns, I have decided to make a compromise and keep things extremely impersonal.

There are a few reasons that I have decided to fire this page up again. One reason is because I feel like it kind of grounds me in a way that other things cannot. That reason might not make a lot of sense. Beyond that, I have found that in the past months, I have been spamming the bejeebus out of my friends with email messages full of links to items that I find inspiring, aesthetically valuable, etc.. In particular, over the past month I have been sending one of my friends a “daily art link.” It is generally a link to something that I liked on boooooom! or Complex with a caption like “so dope” or “I love the colors.” I decided that if I’m going to go through the trouble to paste the link into an email or onto g+, what is the harm in reposting that stuff to Jake’s Mag with some light commentary? Right? I have to admit that the idea of posting images that aren’t my own seems a bit weird. But when things mellow out a bit more, I’m hoping to get back to full speed.

So even though this might be a bad idea, or even worse (boring), Here I go: I was flipping through Jux this morning and came across this set of owl paintings by John Pusateri. I am really into this set. I’m a sucker for art involving birds, anyway. So, I’m kind of an easy sell on any photos or paintings of birds that are even marginally well done. Pusateri’s work is definitely worth clicking through and checking out the set on Juxtapoz.

If you are into bird art, and you didn’t see the Edun campaign that Ryan McGinley shot earlier this year, you should definitely check that out too.


Adeus, for now

Dudes, I have to shut down JM for now. There is too much going on in the personal sphere right now that is bleeding into every aspect of my life. It is super lame. And as much as I hate it, I need to stop publishing even the non-personal events in my life for the time being. I’m hoping that I can get back to it sooner, rather than later, being that this page is a fantastic outlet for me. It is actually something that I really enjoy curating, as lame and discombobulated as it probably seems (or in fact, is) at times. Anyway, I sent out an invitation to some of my close friends and fam for a private blog that I have been keeping about PJ, etc.. I may have left some people out who might be interested. So, please feel free to hit me up if you are reading this, and you fall into that category. I will send you an invitation. Peace.

another tues with no a.g.

Still a bit underwater from being away. The top photo is completely random, btw. One of the many random images that I snapped over the weekend fending off boredom between sets. I have no idea what that little vehicle is. Zamboni for the beach? Whatever it is, I like it.

I couldn’t get organized enough to cue up a track for today. In the absence of an AG post today, I’m sharing this photo contest with you.

Chrome bags teamed up with Hypebeast on this one. Go enter and will $1000. The theme is ‘local legends.’ Everybody knows one. I can think of like 4 ppl I know who fall into this category.

This also showed up on the webz today–

Grungy turned 2, and interviewed a bunch of friends. It is a mega long post. But I’m on there somewhere in the mix.

If all of that isn’t enough, check out this insane street race in the Isle of Man. I would love to get in on this action.

The Greatest Show On Earth【HD】320kph / 200mph Street Race ★ ‘ISLE of MAN’ TT ★ from Locck9 on Vimeo.

[video via]

weekend recap

Yeah, this one is coming in a little bit late (for a monday). But, hey I flew in on a redeye, have spent several hours sifting through 1000’s of frames and still managed to eat, take a nap and do laundry. So the untimeliness of this post has nothing to do with laziness. Or reverse that. Or whatever. Anyway, I had a fantastic time in CA. Another huge thanks to Converse. It didn’t even really feel like work. I was able to hang out with some of my pre-existing friends, and make several new ones. There was quite literally never a dull moment (except for when I was asleep [which was not very many moments]).

In addition to the surfing, there was plenty of skateboarding to be seen. Converse built a huge bowl on the beach. I had a blast all week watching the likes of Pedro Barros (above) hucking themselves around the bowl and into the air. Here are a few more pics from the weekend–

Above: Pupo. Below: Slater in the Men’s quarters.

Above: Lance Mountain, huge frontside indy. Below: Omar Hassan, air to fakie.

Below: Slater performing his traditional pre-surfing ritual.

uso sat

Slater above. Didn’t have an awesome heat Saturday morn. But he was still in good form. I really liked that Image that I snapped of him getting in the water. Also had a lot of fun watching Medina [I think] (below). The dude was shredding. Headed out in 10 to watch the men’s quarters.

uso update

This comp is so good. I actually shot mostly skateboarding yesterday. But I threw in a snap above from the women’s quarter-finals. I’m seriously vibing southern California this time around. Headed out to shoot the men’s final, right now.

happy friday (huntington beach edtn.)

Dudes, currently banging this out from Huntington Beach. Arrived late last night. So stoked to shoot some surfing this weekend. Actually about to make my way over to the beach in a few to get the lay of the land. Honestly though, I could be content just chilling on the lenai all weekend, given the view, haha. Have a great weekend!

1 hot mess

Headed to CA this eve to shoot surfing at Huntington Beach. Although I’m very excited to go, I am a complete mess right now. I am in dire need of a haircut (my stylist is in Columbia on a family emergency), I have a huge blem on my face, I haven’t shaved since Monday, and I haven’t charged any batteries or packed anything yet. So basically things are shaping up really nicely. On top of everything, I can look forward to being away for approx 20 hours today before I will be able to get some rest. Hahahaha. I guess this is how it is sometimes for grownups. Hopefully I’ll have something good to show for my efforts at some point.


tues sans goodness

No music today. I’m a bit disorganized this week. I mean, the crappy iPhone shot at the top should give you an idea of what I’m working with today. Hahahah. I’m kind of scrambling to try to get everything in order for my trip out west on Thurs.  On top of that, there are a lot of things in play right now in my personal life. There are some pretty big changes coming down the pike this fall. I guess I’m saying that my plate is kind of full at the moment. I’m very excited about some of the developments. Others are more administrative, and some are downright thorns in my ass. Anyway– just trying to keep my head above water, like everyone else.

weekend recap

I had a pretty low key weekend with plenty of family and friend time. Saturday, I blew off running altogether (which tends to be very easy to do during rain storms). But I did bang out thirteen miles on Sunday night. It was a beautiful night, temp-wise. Also, it reminded me how enjoyable it can be to run after the sun goes down.

Next weekend I will be in Huntington Beach. I have a 14mi. run scheduled on Sunday. For some reason it is always a challenge for me to put in long miles when I’m traveling. I’m not saying it won’t happen. I’m just saying it might be tricky. Have a great week!

[photo: Trix doing her thing in SoHo]

happy friday

I can’t believe that this is the last weekend in July. This summer has gone by waaaaaayyyyy too quickly. I had a relatively productive week. I only missed one run (because of rain), and I think that I may be able to make it up tonight. Unlikely though, being that it is Friday. Hahaha. I included a couple of Photos from Wednesday eve. Seize sur Vignt had a party to preview their lineup for next spring/summer. My favorite image of the evening is actually the one above. I loved this nameless party guest’s hair. It is like, the picture perfect quintessential bob. She has awesome color, too. Anyway, a couple of images of the actually SSV clothing below. More over here.

One of my close friends moved back to NYC from Florence, this week. Getting stoked to hangout together this weekend. Other than that, hoping to keep it mellow and knock out some running. Have a great weekend!

more of the usual

It has been a busy and sweaty week so far. I have seem some very cool stuff at the menswear trade shows that are currently in town. I’ll probably post a few items later this week, or next. Until then, enjoy this shot of the clouds that I snapped while riding my bike home, yesterday.

bike hill bike

I switched things up a bit this morning. Part of the training program that I’m using calls for hill reps. The only problem with that is there are not any hills nearby. So I decided to utilize the ones in the north end of Central Park. There is a great spot on the west side of the 125th St. Transverse where you can alternate between the hill on the transverse, and the hill on Park Drive West. Since the park is a few miles from where I live, I thought I would ride my bike to the park then run the hills. Riding in rush hour up 8th Ave. was a great way to wake up quickly and also warm up.

I didn’t wear the Nike+ SportWatch during this morning’s workout. One thing that it does not have (that I wish could be incorporated eventually) is a way to denote cycling vs. running on the dashboard. You could def wear the watch cycling, but it would throw all of your running stats off. The Garmin tool does give users the option to distinguish the type of activity that is being logged. For example the workout above I logged as cyclocross (since it was a mix of running and cycling). Even though it wasn’t truly cyclocross, when I run a report on my stats, it will be distinguished from my running, and regular cycling. I did rock the FuelBand though.

After running hills, the ride home was a bit interesting. It took a couple of downhill coasts to get my quads to recover. It also made the ride into work a bit slower than normal, which is fine (because: less sweat).

audio goodness– grand national

Another British outfit this week. Grand National is a two man show with a pretty broad spectrum of sound. They have everything from repurposed ska tracks, to straight up club banger dance music. The track that I’m sharing falls somewhere in between. It is called “Talk Amongst Yourselves.” Check it.