New Shepard Fairey video.

Check out this recently released vid featuring Shepard Fairey talking about how Obey came about. According to the video, Fairey derived some of his early inspiration from the NYC bred skate company Shut. As it so happens, I spent an afternoon back in June hanging out with Rodney and Eli (the founders of Shut) and shot the the stills (above)¬† for an article that was to be included in the latest HS print mag. Anyway, I thought that this video was pretty cool. It even includes some old footage of Shepard himself doing it up on a mini ramp. Check it–

Digi-camo shoot part 2

Lots of “part 2″s today. This is the piece that I was intending to shoot in DC over the weekend. Since that whole plan was fouled up by the weather. Sam was a good enough sport to step in and rock this messenger bag for me. The lighting was surprisingly good for post-hurricane overcast conditions. I thought about warming the images up a bit, but ultimately I liked them how they were shot. A couple more looks–

at least it’s thursday

I’m currently working on a little lifestyle story featuring one of the brands that HS covers. I shot the first part of it early this morning¬† (before the monsoon rolled in). These are a few of the images. Hopefully (depending on the weather) I’ll be shooting the second part in DC this weekend.

It’s been a pretty busy week already. I take comfort in the fact that tomorrow is Friday.



I have never been able to successfully shoot lightning… until tonight. I mean, at least marginally successfully. These images aren’t blowing my mind or anything. But they are definitely better than the crap that I have captured in the past. When I walked in the door from this evening’s run, the whole hallway lit up. Then it happened again like 3 times, before I even got to the bedroom. So, without even changing out of my nasty sweaty running garb, I grabbed a cam and a tripod and scurried up to the roof (which I hear is one of the smartest places to be in a lightning storm). Anyway, the flashes were so frequent and consistently located, that it was almost like shooting fish in a barrel. When the storm started to move more directly overhead, I felt like it was time to call it quits and retreat. Here is one more shot of a lightning illuminated cloud.

Another artsy skate vid

I have some friends that used to skate for 5boro. They seem like a decent outfit. Here is their Fall ’11 clip. I think that the monochromatic edit is a nice touch. See how many of your favorite NYC spots you can identify–


New York Street Art

I don’t mean to write two “I heart NY” posts in a row. But, I really enjoy the non-stop visual stimulation that occurs just walking around the City. Today I was on the way to shoot this, and I happened upon the scene pictured above (and below). I don’t know what I like more about what is going on here– several dozen trampled roses on the sidewalk, or a dog that looks like a baby deer. I think it is going to be a good weekend.

One WTC as of yesterday.

Every once in a while I feel the need to write about the World Trade Center construction progress. Here is my 2008 rant about calling it ground zero (which people still do, btw). Here is a shot of One World Trade Center last November. And the shot above is one that I snapped yesterday from ground level. It’s pretty crazy that next month will mark 10 years since the attacks. That means that next August I will have been in NY for 10 years. My, how time flies.