Some clouds and stuff

I have made it a point, for the past several weekends to get out of the city. I haven’t been to the Hamptons, or anything like that. But I have been able to turn my usual weekend trips to Yonkers into adventures farther up-state. These trips have been very pleasant for several reasons. For one, the temperature seems to magically drop by 10 degrees once I cross the county line into Westchester. Additionally, the scenery in up-state New York can be quite nice.

This snap is from Saturday. It could be from anywhere that has skies and bird(s). But this image is from the top of (the East Coast version of) a mountain on the bank of the Hudson, moments before those clouds let loose with torrential rain. So that is my story from the weekend. Happy Monday.

July 4

Actually, this post is starting with July 3, above. It has been raining like crazy, lately. Summer rain in NYC is crazy. It can be torrential for a few minutes, then the sun comes out.

Here are some from the evening of the 4th of July. These were snapped from the roof of a boutique hotel on the west side of Manhattan. The Hudson was completely packed with boats loaded with people ready to watch fireworks.

And then, the mass exodus down river, after the fireworks. I really like the way these slow shutters came out.

Happy Friday

It is monsoon season in NYC. Two nights this week I have been caught on my bike in a downpour. I’m assuming that the couple above was also caught in the rain last night. I snapped that image right before it started to rain. One more below.

More recent JB originals

Ever since I fell into the intstagram trap, I feel like I have had a real camera with me less and less on a day to day. Now that instagram is starting to suck more and more, I have been a lot more inclined to start carrying a real camera with me again. I have not regretted it. A lot of the stuff that I snapped is pure throw-away material. But I’m not sad about having shot it. These are a few of the snaps that I have come up with in the past couple of days, just from being out and about. I know that they aren’t anything amazing. But it just feels good to put down the phone and have a real camera in my hands on a daily basis, again.

Prospect Park Boathouse

I attended a friend’s wedding over the weekend. It was at the Prospect Park Boathouse in Brooklyn. I have been to that park on several occasions (mostly for races), but was completely unaware that the park had a lake and a boathouse. I suppose that I should have known better, since it is like a mini version of Central Park (both parks were designed by the same architect). Anyway, the wedding was beautiful. Here are a couple of snaps that I grabbed from the inside of the boathouse.


I’m in Washington DC this week for work. It has been a while since I have been to this town. It is kind of cool to be here on my own, and just to be able to walk around full on tourist-style. I brought the 5D with a 50mm f/1.8. The sensor is dirty as dirt. Normally I would obsess about that. But for this trip, I don’t really mind. I have been snapping some okayish stuff. I have burned out my phone battery 3 times already just hiking around the district listening to Tribe Called Quest Pandora radio and instagram blitzing. DC is a sexy city. The architecture and concentration of power are two strong contributing factors. I don’t think that I could ever live here. But I have really enjoyed experiencing this city again, for the first time in a long while. And, I have really appreciated being able to do it solo. These are a few of the images that I grabbed on the 5D (which, btw, I was rocking around the neck tourist style). If you are one of the kids who follows my insta garbage, then you will recognize a lot of the vantage points to the crap that I posted on there. Anyway, it feels nice to post my own work on here again occasionally. Enjoy…(or not)

This is probably one of my faves-

The horizon if off in this one, and it needs to be warmed up a bit. But you get the idea.

KM + Snooki

Really digging this image of Kate Moss shooting billiards in a third world country. That ponytail….


Carson Street Clothiers

My friend, and former colleague recently opened a new menswear store in SoHo. The name of the shop is Carson Street Clothiers. I had the pleasure of checking out the space a couple of weeks ago, before it was open to the public to snap a couple of shots. The space is beautiful, and the selection is fantastic. I definitely recommend stopping through.

I want this– outex SLR housings

Here is another item for the wishlist. A couple of years ago, I was taking a trip to Charleston to go sailing. I wanted to bring a nice camera on the boat, but was nervous about water damage. I looked on the B&H website at dedicated underwater housings, and was very dismayed by the price point. There are some other ziplock looking alternatives out there, but the flimsy construction wasn’t instilling a lot of confidence. I think that Outex may have come up with the perfect solution. I came across this piece on Uncrate, and am now tempted to pick one up, so that I can get some shots like this 😉

Here is what Uncrate says about the Outex housings–

Breathtaking underwater photos? Awesome. Paying more than you paid for your camera for a dedicated housing? Not so awesome. Outex Waterproof Camera Covers ($190 and up) offer a reasonably-priced alternative, hermetically sealing your DSLR from the world and giving you protection from mud, snow, and water to depths of 30+ feet. Simply select the cover, lens attachment, and viewfinder that’s right for your setup, bolt on any accessories you need, and start making some photos.


‘In Pieces’ at Open House Gallery

I love mixed media installations. So, I was totally down when I got invited to check out the opening of “In Pieces” the other night at Open House gallery. In this collaboration, Nathan Sawaya teamed up with Dean West to create a series of augmented reality photos. Sawaya created Lego sculptures that West incorporated into his photos. Both the sculptures and the final images were on display. Here are a couple more snaps.

Props to Adobe– free cs2 for all!

In an effort to curb software piracy, Adobe is offering Photoshop CS2, for free. Yes, CS2 was released several years ago, and CS6 is the current version. However, the capabilities of CS2 are leaps and bounds over Photoshop Elements (the consumer version of Photoshop). For the price (free) it is much more attractive than risking the malware that often comes with pirated software. I think that this is an amazing move on the part of Adobe. Read the details on DIYphotography. BoingBoing also posted this link today, and last time I checked the Adobe download page was actually down. I would imagine that they are throttling the page because of the undoubtedly huge response. Anyway, it is definitely worth checking back and downloading when the site is working again if you enjoy photography and don’t currently own a profession version of Photoshop.